About LinguaNor

LinguaNor is a language school set up and run by Elisabeth Opsahl, a native Norwegian with 20 years experience of teaching the Norwegian language to foreigners. She’s lived in the Netherlands for 22 years, where she has run a Scandinavian language school since 2005; “Scanditaal.nl – centrum for Scandinavische talen en cultuur”. Prior and in addition to her own business, Elisabeth has worked for many language schools in the Netherlands (NIOW, Marcus Evans, Academic Language Centre, Elycio Talen, Volksuniversiteit, a.o.).

At the moment, Elisabeth is dividing her time between Norway and the Netherlands, working in both countries as a teacher and translator.

The Covid-19 pandemic has faced us with many challenges, but also led to creative solutions. We have discovered that working online can be both very efficient and fun, as the media platforms are continuously developing and providing us with numerous possibilities.

Digital teaching has become a standard during this last year and, like many others, I was sceptical in the beginning. However, also like many others, I have reconsidered my opinions about this. The greatest advantage is of course that it allows us to be together and learning from each other anywhere in the world and also form groups across the borders.

I offer language courses for beginners as well as advanced students. I have the most experience with teaching people from western countries and cultures, but I have also had individual students from non-western countries. My students come from all societies and backgrounds; as such I have taught the Norwegian language to ambassadors and politicians, medical experts, flower growers and exporters, military officers, oil workers, engineers and many others.

I believe in a teaching approach where we speak the language you are learning as much as possible. Most people abroad who want to learn Norwegian, do it because they want to be able to socialise in Norwegian, not because they really need it for their work. However, if you live in Norway, you’d probably want to achieve a higher lever of both oral and written Norwegian. I offer courses to beginners as well as advanced students. I work with various methods, covering the levels within the Common European framework for language levels (A1 – C2).

I speak fluent Dutch and English, and I possess a basic knowledge of German and French.

Translation services offered :

English – Norwegian, Norwegian – English

Dutch – Norwegian, Norwegian – Dutch

English – Dutch, Dutch – English